So yesterday I was 31 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy has been fairly comfortable for me… until I hit 30 weeks.

I think it was 1 day before the 30 week mark. It was almost as if my body realized we had a potential 10 more weeks of carrying extra weight out the front and went “stuff it, I’m going to let the baby-ball-out-front win” and stopped trying to hold itself up. My back became so sore that I would cry out of frustration. No position would bring comfort. And it wasn’t just my lower back, but also up near my shoulder blades. Didn’t expect that one! And my hips… ohhh my hips! You’re not supposed to lay on your back when pregnant but how do you lay when back or tummy sleeping isn’t an option, and laying on your sides makes your hips ache?! And what about my neck – all the extra boobs, and the strain that is coming from my back and belly… it’s affecting my neck too.

Some nights I’ve not been able to sleep because of the pains (the general pregnancy insomnia and frequent bathroom trips are a whole nother thing!) and I’ve sighed and moaned and groaned as I tried to roll from one side to another, then back to the other side… how about we try an extra pillow in the already over-crowded bed? Nope, doesn’t help. What if we take 2 out, maybe that might help. Nup, no good. Okay, just try and lay here and ignore it, think of something happy… Stuff it, I’ll get up. Next thing you know I’m in the kitchen eating snacks at 2AM and checking the internet on my iPhone in the darkness of the lounge room while hubby peacefully sleeps with no aches and pains in bed. Lucky bustard…

I don’t like whining about it. I feel like people think I’m ungrateful to be carrying a healthy child inside me. But sometimes having a cry about the pains to someone else just makes you feel better. Even better is when you find someone else who is going through the same thing and can relate. You get this kind of sick joy knowing they are in as much discomfort as you are.

We are lucky enough to have a bath in our house. The shower can be fine, but sometimes submerging all your weight in the bath can relieve so much back pain. Johnson’s Dreamy Skin Creamy Bath is nice to use in the water, it has lavender to help relax you and the bubbles are always fun! I’ve also been grateful that the Olympics is on while I’m feeling so miserable and couch-bound. Nothing like watching athletes from around the world with amazingly hot bodies do incredible things, while my body is struggling to bend over to pick the cat up. But seriously, it’s nice that there is always something on TV when I’m up in the middle of the night! I haven’t craved much throughout this pregnancy but when I have it was always sweet things. Now I’m really into raisin toast and it’s so comforting in this cold winter weather. Slap some butter on it and chow down. There are a few things I’ve found to help alleviate the aches and pains of pregnant and the biggest one is my wheat bag. Pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and drape it over the sore spots and it’s immediate relief. I even sleep with it on me, it’s my current life saver… My Snoogle Pillow is also handy for the soreness, but it’s so bulky in the bed and I feel bad pushing hubby all the way to the edge of the mattress! But I’ve been using it when I nap and even on the floor in the lounge room because the couch just isn’t cutting it right now! In fact, I got hubby to drag the IKEA Poang chair into the lounge room for me to use. I know he didn’t mind, because it means he gets the whole couch! It’s much easier for me to get up and down from, and it supports my back better than the soft lounge. It’s actually our feeding chair in baby’s room!