This is a good image for me to post today.

I’ve been feeling a lot of stress and anxiety lately. Which makes me even more stressed and anxious – it’s a lovely time of chasing my tail! With the birth of our little one impending, it’s all becoming more real. Anxiety about being a new parent is kicking in, and not only for me. I think hubby feels it too but he isn’t one for expressing himself much (are any men though?!). There’s also stress about things other than our bambino/bambina arriving. Becoming pregnant and starting a family doesn’t mean the rest of your lives stop of course, so we have the usual stresses like our finances, family dramas and even something as little as one of our dogs has a bung nipple suddenly (don’t ask!).

I really want to be in a good headspace for baby’s birthday. And when I have my hormonal breakdowns, fuelled by the current stress and anxiety I’m feeling, I get so upset with the fact I’m not in a good positive headspace for labor and birth. I want to feel relaxed and calm and “okay and at peace” with everything. I have 6 more weeks until my due date, and I want it to be a peaceful 6 weeks.

It’s easy to get swept up in negative feelings and let your mind run with them. So this poster image above is something I don’t necessarily feel today but it’s what I want to be able to say I feel. So positive thinking, sunshine and laughter is on the agenda today. Life is good and I need to remember that.


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