I should of started this blog when I fell pregnant. In fact, I had every intention of doing that. But I already have a personal blog (of 10 years) on another website so I just continued writing in there, adding entries about my pregnancy journey. No, I lie. It didn’t happen exactly like that. Because morning sickness had a new plan for me. I didn’t even touch the computer for about 6 weeks in early pregnancy. I was too nauseous to even consider staring at a screen and typing about how horrible I was feeling. But eventually I did come back online and started blogging again. But now, at 7 months pregnant I realized I wanted to blog about my life to a wider audience. I know that I have come across so many “mummy blogs” over the last few months, and now I guess I am one of them.

My intentions for this blog are simple. I want to write truthfully about everything – being pregnant, wearing 100 hats (wife, cook, maid, dog walker etc), family life, health & fitness after pregnancy, cooking & recipes and really anything that tickles my fancy. I want other women to be able to relate, to read a post and think “OMG, that’s totally me!” and have a laugh. The title of the blog says a lot about me – I’m a wife (the Mrs part) which is a big part of my life, I’m a mummy (well, soon to be) and the yummy part…? Well I really believe in health and fitness, it’s an interest of mine and it’s a journey I am some what excited about once baby is here – getting my body back. Becoming a MILF… Being a yummy mummy.

A little about me is probably in order –

I’m Jackie and I’m from Australia. I’m in my mid-2os and my husband is in his late-20’s. He’d probably hate me writing that. We met 3 years ago and we moved fairly fast. After 15 months he popped the question and I of course squealed, cried and then said yes. 7 months later we were married on a beach in Vanuatu, surrounded by friends, family, sunshine, love and plenty of cocktails. 6 months after the wedding, and after 2 tries we were lucky enough to find out we were expecting. It was January 18th at 5AM and I couldn’t go back to sleep after that! I had 7 weeks of morning sickness and general blah-ness, but once that passed we were so excited that we were expanding our family. The baby’s due date is September 30, 2012. We don’t know the sex, and we aren’t sharing any names! We live in a modest 3 bedroom home with 2 cats and 2 dogs. With the cats being mostly indoors, I’m a bit of a “cat lady, always talking to them and taking 1001 photos. I don’t work and plan on being a SAHM (stay at home mum) and hubby is an operations manager in the family business. I love reading (and not just for the smell of books – please tell me I’m not alone with that one?!), horse riding, picnics in the sunshine, colourful foods, candles and Dr. Seuss! And of course, life in general – I try to remember to be grateful every day and always remain positive.





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